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Designing An Excellent Collection of Handmade Badges, Embroidered Patches, Garment Badges and Bullion Wire Patches That Meets Exact Demands of Clients Across The World!

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Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Service Provider and Supplier for Army And Military Badges, Shoulder Badges Military Shoulder Badges, Army And Military Shoulder Badges, Hand Embroidery Service, Hand Embroidery work, Shoes Hand Embroidery Service, Custom Hand Embroidery Service, etc.
Most Popular Products
Manufacture, and Export Christmas decorations and other related products. Our product line is in high demand by clients from all over the world
About Us

About Us

Vazeer Arts Services is a well-known Indian art center specializing in delivering a beautiful range of garment accessories and Indian embroidery work to its customers. In addition to hand-embroidered badges and religious products, we also supply, manufacture, and export Christmas decorations and other related products. Our product line is in high demand by clients from all over the world, including Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Germany, France, and many other countries. Highly competent and inventive experts manufacture our products with many years of experience in the same field as our company itself. When it comes to the product quality that we provide, we place the highest priority on it. As a result, our goods are created in strict accordance with the quality requirements established by the industry, and only the highest quality raw materials are used in their production. We also have a thorough quality control process in place, whereby our quality specialists verify each product to guarantee that they are faultless.

About Our Services

Exporters and manufacturers of hand-embroidered patches for clothing and hand embroidered badges, including- but not limited to jackets, pants, and shirts. Vazeer Arts Services was formed in the year 1990 and has been in business ever since.

  • Patches, trim, and patches for well-known labels such as Ralph Lauren, Coach, Faconnable, Burberry, and Dolce & Gabbana, among others, are all hand-stitched.
  • Schools, clubs, churches, Armed Forces, and colleges can all earn badges.
  • Embroidery on a variety of different elements of the clothing.
  • Ladies handbags, clutch bags, purses, tote bags, and pouches, among other things, with or without embroidery on a variety of fabrics, leather, and other materials.
  • Scarves and stoles embellished with needlework by hand
  • Hand embroidered Jewish religious goods such as Attarahs, Talit/T-filing Bags sets, Challah Covers, Holy Torah Closet Covers, and other similar items are available for purchase.
  • Hand-embroidered Christmas wall hangings to decorate.
  • Tassels, tie-backs, and other embellishments are available.
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